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In-Kind Support And Maintenance
In-Kind Support And Maintenance
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ISM refers to receiving assistance with food or housing expenses from a family member or someone outside of the household. For SSI recipients, this assistance is considered income and may result in a reduction of their monthly allowance.

Full Definition Of In-Kind Support And Maintenance

ISM, or in-kind support and maintenance, refers to non-earned income received by SSI recipients in the form of food or shelter. This type of income can come from anyone, including family members or individuals outside of the household. For instance, if an SSI recipient lives with their parents who provide them with food and shelter, this is considered ISM and will be deducted from their SSI benefits. Similarly, if an SSI recipient shares a living space with a roommate who pays for rent and groceries, the value of these expenses will be considered ISM and deducted from the recipient’s SSI benefits. Overall, ISM can lead to a reduction in SSI benefits and is provided in the form of shelter or food without being earned.

In-Kind Support And Maintenance FAQ'S

In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) refers to the provision of food, shelter, or other essential items by someone other than the individual receiving benefits, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

ISM can impact your eligibility for government benefits as it is considered as income or resources. If the value of the ISM you receive exceeds the allowable limits, it may result in a reduction or loss of your benefits.

ISM includes any form of assistance that covers the cost of food, shelter, or other essential items. This can include living with someone who provides these necessities, receiving free or reduced rent, or having someone pay for your groceries.

Yes, there are certain exceptions to ISM rules. For example, if the support and maintenance you receive are not in cash or easily convertible to cash, it may not be counted as ISM. Additionally, certain types of support provided by nonprofit organisations or government agencies may also be exempt.

The value of ISM is typically determined by the fair market value of the support or maintenance received. This can be calculated based on the actual cost of the items provided or by using established guidelines set by the government.

Yes, you have the right to refuse ISM if you believe it will negatively impact your eligibility for government benefits. However, it is important to consult with a legal professional or benefits counselor to understand the potential consequences of refusing ISM.

Yes, ISM can impact your eligibility for other programs as well. Each program has its own rules and guidelines regarding income and resources, so it is important to understand how ISM may affect your eligibility for specific programs.

ISM received from family members can still impact your benefits. The government considers the value of the support and maintenance provided, regardless of the relationship between the parties involved.

It is important to report any ISM you receive to the government to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations. Failure to report ISM can result in penalties, including the loss of benefits or potential legal consequences.

Yes, you have the right to appeal any decision made regarding ISM and your benefits. It is advisable to seek legal assistance to navigate the appeals process and present your case effectively.

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