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Obtulit Se
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The Latin phrase “Obtulit se” translates to “offered himself.” It was previously utilised in English courts to describe a situation where one party attended court while the opposing party did not.

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When someone appears in court on behalf of an absent opposing party, it is referred to as “offering oneself” or “obtulit se” in Latin. This term was utilised in ancient English customs to document the presence of one party in court. 1. John was expected to attend court for his speeding ticket, but he failed to appear. Mary, the police officer who issued the ticket, attended court and stated that John was guilty. The court recorded that Mary “offered herself” or “obtulit se” as she presented herself in court when John did not. 2. In a divorce case, the husband did not attend court. The wife appeared in court and the court documented that she “offered herself” or “obtulit se” as she presented herself in court when her husband did not. These examples demonstrate how “obtulit se” was employed in ancient English customs to document the presence of one party in court when the opposing party failed to appear. It served as a means to keep track of who attended court and who did not.

Obtulit Se FAQ'S

“Obtulit Se” is a Latin phrase that translates to “he has presented himself.” In legal contexts, it refers to a defendant who voluntarily appears before a court or submits to its jurisdiction.

No, “Obtulit Se” is not a defence in itself. It simply describes the act of a defendant presenting themselves before the court. The defendant would need to rely on other legal defences to argue their innocence.

No, “Obtulit Se” can be used in both criminal and civil cases. It signifies the defendant’s voluntary submission to the court’s authority, regardless of the nature of the case.

By invoking “Obtulit Se,” the defendant acknowledges the court’s jurisdiction and agrees to participate in the legal proceedings. It demonstrates their willingness to cooperate and engage in the resolution of the case.

In certain circumstances, a defendant may be allowed to withdraw their “Obtulit Se” plea. However, this would typically require a valid reason and the court’s approval. It is advisable to consult with an attorney to understand the specific requirements and implications.

No, “Obtulit Se” is not equivalent to pleading guilty. While both involve the defendant’s acknowledgment of their involvement in the case, “Obtulit Se” refers to the act of presenting oneself before the court, whereas pleading guilty is an admission of guilt.

In some cases, a defendant may be able to invoke “Obtulit Se” even if they are not physically present in court. This can occur through legal representation or by submitting a written statement expressing their voluntary submission to the court’s jurisdiction.

No, invoking “Obtulit Se” does not guarantee a favorable outcome for the defendant. It is simply a procedural step that signifies the defendant’s willingness to participate in the legal process. The final outcome will depend on the merits of the case and the application of relevant laws.

In most cases, a defendant cannot invoke “Obtulit Se” after a trial has commenced. The defendant is expected to present themselves before the court at the beginning of the proceedings. However, there may be exceptional circumstances where the court allows a late invocation of “Obtulit Se,” but this would be at the court’s discretion.

“Obtulit Se” is a Latin phrase that has historical roots in the legal system. While it may not be explicitly recognized in all jurisdictions, the concept of a defendant voluntarily submitting to the court’s jurisdiction is generally accepted and understood in legal proceedings worldwide.

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