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Organisational Meeting
Organisational Meeting
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An organisational meeting is a gathering of individuals who share a common interest in discussing or taking action on matters pertaining to their organisation. Typically, this meeting is held to establish a permanent or ongoing organisation, approve governing documents, select officers, and handle other regular organisational tasks. It can also serve as the initial meeting following a dissolution, where a newly reestablished deliberative assembly elects officers, adopts rules, and prepares for the upcoming session.

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An organisational meeting serves as a gathering for individuals with a shared interest in creating a lasting organisation. Typically, this meeting takes place following a mass meeting and a period where the organisation operates with temporary officers while its governing documents are being drafted. The main objective of the organisational meeting is to approve the governing documents and select officers. For instance, a group of individuals interested in forming a new club at their school would hold an organisational meeting to define the club’s purpose, elect officers, and establish bylaws. Similarly, once a company is incorporated, the initial directors would convene an organisational meeting to adopt bylaws, elect officers, and handle other routine organisational matters. Likewise, when members of a legislative body or a convention are elected or re-elected for a new term, they would hold an organisational meeting to elect officers, establish rules, and organize for the upcoming session. These examples demonstrate how an organisational meeting is utilised to establish a permanent or ongoing organisation and manage regular organisational affairs.

Organisational Meeting FAQ'S

An organisational meeting is a meeting held by a newly formed organisation to establish its structure, elect officers, and adopt bylaws.

Typically, the founders of the organisation, initial members, and any individuals involved in the formation process attend the organisational meeting.

The purpose of an organisational meeting is to formally establish the organisation, set its goals and objectives, and lay the groundwork for its operations.

At an organisational meeting, topics such as the organisation’s mission, vision, bylaws, and leadership structure are typically discussed.

In many jurisdictions, holding an organisational meeting is not legally required, but it is considered a best practice for establishing a clear and organized structure for the organisation.

An organisational meeting is typically held once at the formation of the organisation, but subsequent meetings may be held as needed to address important organisational matters.

Yes, organisational meetings can be held virtually, as long as all necessary participants can attend and participate effectively.

Key documents needed for an organisational meeting may include the organisation’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, and any other founding documents.

In most cases, only members or individuals involved in the formation of the organisation are allowed to attend an organisational meeting.

After an organisational meeting, the organisation’s structure and bylaws are established, and the organisation can begin its operations and pursue its goals and objectives.

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