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In legal terms, “accompany” generally refers to the act of going along with someone or something, often for a specific purpose or reason. For example, a person may accompany another individual to a meeting or court appearance as a witness or for support. The term can also imply a more formal association or affiliation, such as when one document accompanies another as an attachment or exhibit. In certain legal contexts, such as immigration or travel regulations, accompanying someone may have specific legal implications, such as the requirement for a visa or authorisation to travel with a minor. The concept of accompanying is often associated with the notion of presence or association, and its legal significance can vary depending on the context in which it is used.

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Dictionary Definition of Accompany

To go along with; to go with or to attend as a companion or associate.

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A motor vehicle statute may require beginning drivers or drivers under a certain age to be accompanied by a licenced adult driver whenever operating an automobile. To comply with such a law, the licenced adult must supervise the beginner and be seated in such a way as to be able to render advice and assistance.

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