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It is common for separated couples to form new households with new partners. In many cases, this arrangement is beneficial for the child once they have adjusted to the changes, providing a stable and settled family environment. However, regardless of the level of involvement or contribution from a stepparent in a child’s upbringing, they do not automatically acquire parental responsibility.

Stepparents and parental responsibility

Stepparents can obtain parental responsibility through a formal agreement or court order, similar to the process for unmarried fathers. However, parental responsibility for stepparents requires the consent of all individuals currently holding parental responsibility, typically the biological parents.

Divorce and stepparents

Maintaining a relationship between stepparents and stepchildren is often in the best interest of the children, even if the stepparent is no longer married to their natural parent. Stepparents often desire to continue seeing their stepchildren, alongside any other children in the family. If mutually agreed arrangements cannot be reached, stepparents have the option to apply to the court for a child arrangement order to spend time with their stepchildren.

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