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Residential Conveyancing
residential conveyancing
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Residential Conveyancing Solicitors

At DLS Solicitors, our team of residential conveyancing solicitors are dedicated to making the process of buying a new house smooth and stress-free, ensuring that your significant investment is handled with expertise. With extensive experience in all facets of buying and selling homes, we offer the expert guidance necessary to ensure a seamless experience throughout.

Our Residential Property Services

We offer comprehensive assistance with various aspects of residential property transactions, including:

  • Buying or selling residential properties
  • Builders and developers
  • Repossessed conveyancing
  • Declaration of trust
  • Fixed fee conveyancing
  • Help to Buy solicitors
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Leaseholder services
  • New build residential properties
  • Property auctions
  • Remortgaging
  • Right to buy
  • Shared ownership staircasing
  • Transfer of equity

We begin with a free initial consultation to understand your situation and tailor our services to meet your needs. After assessing your goals, we will outline the necessary steps and guide you through the entire process to completion. If your specific issue is not listed above, please contact us for a personalized consultation.

Conveyancing involves intricate legal procedures and demands a current and robust understanding of residential property law. To navigate this process effectively and avoid costly errors, you can trust DLS Solicitor’s residential property services.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing refers to the transfer of property ownership, encompassing both buying and selling a home. This process can be complex and stressful, but our team aims to simplify it for you. Professional conveyancing solicitors can help you avoid costly mistakes and long-term issues.

The conveyancing process typically lasts six to eight weeks, varying based on whether you are the buyer or seller. Buyers often face a longer process due to factors like arranging mortgages and property surveys.

Efficient and correct conveyancing is essential to avoid complications in the future. Our proactive team of property solicitors at DLS Solicitors ensures everything is handled to the highest standard.

DLS Solicitors provides a comprehensive range of legal services and expert advice on essential processes such as contract handling, Land Registry matters, fund transfers, and local council searches.

Why Choose Us?

With such a high-value transaction as the purchase or sale of a property, it’s in your interest to appoint a solicitor as early as possible. Making our specialist residential conveyancing department your first port of call will offer you the peace of mind that your house acquisition or sale is in the correct hands. If you need the knowledge and experience, contact our expert conveyancing solicitors

Our conveyancing solicitors will always strive to meet your needs and deliver a customer-centric service of the highest quality. We will ensure that you always know what stage in the conveyancing process we are up to, and are always on hand to answer your questions. Our team of property solicitors can customise our services to suit your requirements whether you live locally or elsewhere in the nation.

Example of Residential conveyancing fees based on a purchase price of £200,000:

  • Purchase: Legal fees fixed at £900
  • Addition fees for bank transfer: £35
  • Completion of HM land Registry application: £35
  • Completion of Stamp Duty form fee: £50
  • VAT @ 20% – £204
  • Subtotal: £1224.00

Purchase disbursements

  • Search Fees (estimate): £500
  • Bankruptcy Search (per person): £7.99
  • Land registry Search: £4.20 (VAT included)
  • HM Land Registry Fee: £100
  • Subtotal: £612.19

*Search fees vary between £300 and £500, depending on the local authority for your property, and we will provide you with the exact cost in our Terms of Business when you instruct us.


Example of Residential conveyancing fees based on a sale price of £200,000:

  • Purchase: Legal fees fixed at £900
  • Addition fees for bank transfer: £35
  • Office Copy Entries: £4.20 Inc Vat per search
  • VAT @ 20% – £187
  • Subtotal: £1126.20

All addition works will be agreed at an agreed price for both sale and purchase.

VAT will be charged on all fees except disbursements, unless advised otherwise.

All conveyancing works will be completed by a qualified licenced Conveyancer.

All conveyancing matters are likely to take between 8 and 16 weeks, depending on the matter. A more accurate timeframe can be provided when instructions are provided.

From the start to finish we were made to feel welcome every time and we had an appointment with Danielle Shawcross and her team. Whatever points we didn't understand the team did their utmost efforts to help us.
Barry Hadfield

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