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As individuals enter old age, many may require the support of a professional deputy to oversee their welfare and finances, safeguarding them from potential exploitation and ensuring their well-being and financial security.

At DLS Solicitors, our dedicated team of court of protection solicitors and professional deputies has a strong record of upholding the fundamental rights, health, and well-being of vulnerable individuals.

With deep expertise in court protection law, we ensure that individuals lacking sufficient mental capacity receive the necessary support and protection for making critical decisions.

Our legal advice is designed to secure access to essential medical care, residential services, social support, and financial assistance precisely when they’re most needed.

As trusted advisors to numerous individuals and families throughout Greater Manchester and the North West, we prioritise the interests of our local community in resolving a diverse range of legal challenges.

Our Court of Protection solicitors offer clear, accessible guidance on deputyship applications, disputes, and ongoing asset and estate management.

We approach each case with sensitivity, empathy, and personalised care, striving to provide exceptional client service at every stage of our engagement.

Court of Protection disputes

Unfortunately, family disputes can arise regarding the appointment of attorneys under a lasting power of attorney (LPA) or an enduring power of attorney, actions taken by attorneys or deputies, or cases of alleged financial abuse where assets have gone missing. These situations can be challenging and overwhelming.

Additionally, disagreements can occur among individuals, their families, or caregivers regarding what is in a person’s best interests, such as the type or extent of care and treatment, the location and timing of care, or considerations for future care planning.

When faced with these disagreements, our experienced team assesses whether informal resolution is feasible through advice and support at best interests planning and other meetings, or if it’s necessary to seek a ruling from the Court of Protection.

Our approach emphasises reasonable and effective representation, aiming to resolve disputes swiftly and amicably. We always attempt to settle matters without a hearing, but when court involvement is necessary, we handle proceedings constructively and efficiently.

Our services extend to representing attorneys and deputies facing challenges to their appointments or actions, assisting concerned family members in questioning attorney or deputy decisions, and supporting patients, service users, attorneys, and deputies in challenging care and treatment plans proposed by providers and commissioners. Trust us to navigate these sensitive matters with diligence and expertise.

From the start to finish we were made to feel welcome every time and we had an appointment with Danielle Shawcross and her team. Whatever points we didn't understand the team did their utmost efforts to help us.
Barry Hadfield

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