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When going through a separation, the wellbeing and happiness of any children involved is one of the most important considerations. It can be both difficult and stressful to agree on who a child should live with, child maintenance, and contact.

But we’ll guide you through the process and help you achieve amicable agreements.

We can help with child arrangement orders regarding where a child lives and how often the other parent sees the child. Plus, we can assist with prohibited steps orders (for example, preventing a child from being taken out of the country) and specific issue orders (such as which school the child attends). These are known as Section 8 orders and fall under Section 8 of the Children Act.

From the start to finish we were made to feel welcome every time and we had an appointment with Danielle Shawcross and her team. Whatever points we didn't understand the team did their utmost efforts to help us.
Barry Hadfield

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