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Court Service
Court Service
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Court service refers to the system and infrastructure responsible for administering justice and resolving legal disputes within a judicial system. It encompasses various functions, including court administration, case management, judicial proceedings, and enforcement of court orders. Court services are typically overseen by government agencies or judicial bodies tasked with ensuring the fair and efficient operation of the courts. This may involve providing support services to judges, lawyers, litigants, and the public, as well as managing court facilities, records, and resources. Court service aims to uphold the rule of law, protect individual rights, and provide accessible and impartial dispute resolution mechanisms for resolving conflicts and enforcing legal rights within society.

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The UK body responsible for the administration and running of the Court of Appeal (see: Court of Appeal), all Divisions of the High Court (see: High Court), Crown Court (see: Crown court), county courts (see: County Court), and the judicial tribunals (see: Tribunal). More information is available on the Court Service Web site]]. The Court Service is an agency of the Lord Chancellor’s Department (see: Lord chancellors department).

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