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Dictionary Definition of Conjecture

A conjecture is an attempt at guesswork. Conjecture is a term used to describe a legal conclusion based on insufficient evidence. “An explanation that is consistent with the facts in evidence but cannot be reasonably inferred from them is called a hypothesis.”

Conjecture FAQ'S

Conjecture refers to a statement or proposition that is based on incomplete information or evidence and is yet to be proven or disproven.

No, conjecture is not considered a valid form of evidence in a legal setting. Legal proceedings require concrete evidence and facts to support claims.

No, conjecture alone cannot be used to establish guilt or innocence in a criminal trial. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution, which must present solid evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Conjecture may be used in civil lawsuits to some extent, but it is generally not given much weight. Courts rely on factual evidence and expert testimony to make informed decisions.

Conjecture may be used in contract disputes, but it is typically not sufficient to prove a breach of contract. Parties must provide clear evidence of the terms of the contract and any violations.

Conjecture may be considered in family law cases, but it is usually not the sole determining factor. Courts prioritise the best interests of the child and rely on concrete evidence to make custody decisions.

Conjecture may be used in personal injury cases, but it is typically not enough to prove liability or damages. Medical records, expert testimony, and other concrete evidence are crucial in such cases.

Conjecture may be used in employment law cases, but it is generally not sufficient to prove wrongful termination. Employees must provide evidence of discriminatory or retaliatory actions.

Conjecture may be considered in immigration cases, but it is usually not enough to establish eligibility for asylum. Applicants must provide credible evidence and testimony to support their claims.

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