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Leave And Licence
Leave And Licence
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A leave and licence agreement refers to the act of granting permission to another person to use one’s property. This agreement ensures that the person using the property is authorized and cannot be charged with trespassing.

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A leave and licence agreement is a legal contract between the owner of a property (licensor) and another individual (licencee) that grants the licencee the right to use the property for a specific purpose and duration. In the context of a trespassing lawsuit, the defence may argue that the plaintiff had given consent to the defendant’s presence on the property. For instance, John owns an empty property and wishes to rent it out for a month. He enters into a leave and licence agreement with Sarah, who intends to utilise the property as a temporary office space. Sarah pays John a fee in exchange for the licence to use the property for the specified time period. Similarly, Tom, a farmer, enters into a leave and licence agreement with a solar energy company that desires to install solar panels on his land. The company compensates Tom for the licence to use his land for a specific duration. These examples demonstrate the functioning of leave and licence agreements. The licensor (John and Tom) grants permission to the licencee (Sarah and the solar energy company) to utilise their property for a specific purpose and limited time. The licencee pays a fee for this licence, while the licensor retains ownership of the property. If the licencee exceeds the agreed-upon time or purpose of use, they may be held accountable for trespassing.

Leave And Licence FAQ'S

A leave and license agreement is a legal document that grants permission to a licensee to occupy a property owned by the licensor for a specified period of time, usually for residential or commercial purposes.

Unlike a rental agreement, a leave and license agreement does not create a landlord-tenant relationship. It is a temporary arrangement where the licensee is given permission to use the property, but the ownership remains with the licensor.

A leave and license agreement can be valid for any duration agreed upon by both parties. It can range from a few months to several years, depending on the terms negotiated.

The licensor can only increase the license fee if there is a provision in the agreement allowing for such an increase. Otherwise, the fee remains unchanged throughout the term of the agreement.

The licensee generally cannot sub-license the property to another person without the explicit permission of the licensor. However, this can vary depending on the terms mentioned in the agreement.

If the licensee fails to pay the license fee on time, the licensor may have the right to terminate the agreement or impose penalties as mentioned in the agreement. It is essential to review the agreement for specific provisions regarding non-payment.

The licensor can terminate the agreement before the agreed-upon term if there is a breach of any terms mentioned in the agreement, such as non-payment of license fee, damage to the property, or illegal activities conducted on the premises.

Generally, the licensee cannot make any modifications to the property without the prior written consent of the licensor. Any modifications made without permission may result in a breach of the agreement.

The licensee is usually responsible for any damage caused to the property during their occupancy. The agreement may specify the procedure for reporting and repairing damages, as well as the liability for the costs involved.

No, the licensee cannot claim ownership rights over the property. A leave and license agreement only grants temporary permission to use the property and does not confer any ownership rights.

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