I’m Getting Divorced; Will My Employer Provide Support?

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I’m Getting Divorced; Will My Employer Provide Support?

Divorce is unquestionably one of the most challenging experiences a person can have. However, going through a divorce while working can appear insurmountable. This article examines the burden on divorcing couples and examines how employers provide assistance to divorcing employees.

The majority of people experience a great deal of tension when separating from their spouse, as the dissolution of their marriage represents a significant change in their lives. In addition to dealing with the emotional aspect of the breakup, spouses must also deal with the practical side, which can be overwhelming, in order to formalise the separation.

The majority of divorcing couples have financial ties that must be divided, such as jointly owned property. Usually, one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is when the couple must decide how these assets should be divided, especially when there are not enough assets to meet both spouses’ needs.

Dealing with these types of financial issues upon divorce is difficult and emotionally draining, especially for those who wind up in court due to their time-consuming and expensive nature. For example, those in Court proceedings are usually required to comply with several Court directions, including attending Court hearings, which is a distressing experience in itself.

Consequently, it is common for employees experiencing a marital collapse to feel torn between their job and their divorce, which frequently has a negative impact on their mental health. Historically, this has been something that the majority of employees have been required to endure.

However, the BBC has recently reported that some companies are introducing and developing policies designed to assist employees in navigating divorce.

For example, some businesses offer the following perks:

  • Paid time off to attend things such as solicitors’ meetings or mediation.
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Access to emotional and mental health support
  • Access to legal advice

There are also organisations in the United Kingdom that are attempting to promote family-friendly policies similar to those mentioned above in order to aid those experiencing relationship dissolution. For instance, the Positive Parenting Alliance has urged employers to recognise a separation as a ‘life event’ in their HR policies and has suggested that employees going through a separation be offered counselling if necessary.

Tesco is one of the first large companies in the UK to provide their employees with this sort of support, as recommended by the Positive Parenting Alliance.

In conclusion, whether you receive support from your employer during your divorce will depend on the company’s specific policy, so you may desire to speak with your HR department about the available options.

There appears to be a transition occurring, with more businesses recognising the difficulties associated with a divorce. This, in my opinion, is a positive development that also demonstrates a growing awareness of the significance of mental health in general, which will hopefully result in more people receiving the support they require during this extremely difficult time.

If you or someone you know is affected by the issues discussed in this blog post, we can offer you expert legal counsel. For further information, please contact our specialised team.

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2nd October 2023
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