What’s the consequences of a delayed divorce?

What’s the consequences of a delayed divorce?
What’s the consequences of a delayed divorce?

Deciding to part ways with a spouse is often one of the most challenging decisions someone will make. Once that decision is made and the process is set in motion, there’s a seemingly endless list of tasks to complete before moving forward with life. The last thing anyone wants is unnecessary delays.

Unfortunately, delays are common in divorce proceedings. Sometimes it’s due to incorrectly filled-out forms, although this is less likely for those using a specialised family lawyer instead of navigating the process alone. Other times, delays stem from disagreements with your ex about asset division or simply from your ex dragging their feet. Court processing delays can also contribute to the overall timeframe.

The consequences of a delayed divorce

It’s detrimental to your health. Regardless of the cause, delays can have a significant impact. Primarily, they can take a toll on an individual’s mental health and overall well-being. Divorce proceedings are often emotionally taxing and can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. Extended delays can be especially difficult to endure, leaving individuals feeling drained and struggling to cope. This strain isn’t just felt by the spouses but can also affect any children caught in the middle.

It prevents you from moving forward. Delays in asset division can disrupt plans for a fresh start, such as buying a new property. You might have your sights set on a perfect new home but rely on funds from selling your marital home. If there’s a delay in selling the property, you could miss out on your dream move.

Another common scenario is when separated individuals enter new relationships, become engaged, and even plan their next wedding before finalising their divorce. Many are surprised to learn that the “quickie divorce” they’ve heard about isn’t as straightforward as they imagined. It’s essential not to plan a new wedding before advancing your divorce proceedings. Remember, you cannot remarry until your Decree Absolute is granted.

Costs can escalate. The longer a divorce process takes, the more it can cost. While a fixed fee can cover the divorce itself, additional elements like financial agreements and childcare arrangements are typically billed based on the time spent on your case, including gathering information, negotiating, preparing documents, and representing you in court. Avoiding lengthy disputes and court appearances can help minimise costs.

The common thread here is that any delay in finalising a divorce can hinder your ability to move forward with life. Although some causes of delay are beyond individual control, it’s in everyone’s best interest to resolve matters as swiftly as possible, minimising unnecessary delays.

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25th April 2019
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