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A fact question is an unanswered question that requires resolution by a jury or judge, based on evidence rather than opinion. Examples include determining guilt in a crime or assessing unreasonable construction delays by a contractor.

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A fact question refers to a legal matter that has not yet been decided by the law and must be resolved by a judge or jury. It involves a disputed issue that can be answered by presenting evidence, rather than relying on personal opinions. For instance, in a criminal trial, a fact question would pertain to whether the defendant is guilty of the crime they are accused of. In a civil case, a fact question might revolve around whether a contractor has unreasonably delayed the construction of a building. These examples demonstrate how fact questions necessitate a resolution by a judge or jury based on the evidence presented in court. They are not questions of law, but rather inquiries into the factual circumstances of a specific situation.

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A fact question refers to a question that seeks to establish or clarify a specific factual detail or event related to a legal case or situation.

Fact questions focus on gathering information about the specific details of a case, while legal questions involve interpreting and applying the law to the facts of a case.

Fact questions help establish the truth and accuracy of the events or circumstances surrounding a legal case, which can significantly impact the outcome of the proceedings.

Yes, fact questions are commonly asked during trials to gather evidence, establish credibility, and clarify any discrepancies in the testimonies or evidence presented.

Fact questions can be asked by attorneys representing the parties involved in the case, as well as the judge or jury members, if permitted.

No, fact questions are relevant in both criminal and civil cases as they aim to establish the truth and accuracy of the events or circumstances in question.

Yes, fact questions are commonly asked during depositions, which are sworn out-of-court testimonies taken before trial, to gather evidence and establish the facts of a case.

Yes, fact questions are often asked during the discovery phase, where parties exchange information and evidence to prepare for trial or settlement negotiations.

Yes, fact questions can be asked during mediation or arbitration processes to gather information and clarify the facts of the case, helping the parties reach a resolution.

If you are involved in a legal proceeding, it is crucial to work closely with your attorney to gather and organize all relevant information, documents, and evidence to effectively respond to fact questions during depositions, trials, or other legal proceedings.

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