Why Do I Need A Family Lawyer To Get A Divorce?

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Why Do I Need A Family Lawyer To Get A Divorce?

You might assume that the answer to this question is straightforward—legal advice for divorce—but it’s more nuanced than that. While receiving proper legal advice before divorcing or separating is crucial, there are numerous other reasons to have a specialist family lawyer by your side.

Divorce law is complex, and even seasoned lawyers often refrain from representing themselves in court, particularly in areas outside their specialty. They understand that the law is intricate and that family law evolves continually, incorporating the latest cases and court rulings. Even the paperwork undergoes regular updates, and errors in the paperwork can lead to delays and extra expenses.

Divorce paperwork is complicated

Family lawyers are well-versed in filing documents and managing court procedures. If you’re not a family lawyer, you might struggle with deadlines, protocols, and accurately completing forms and legal documents. Frankly, even the court terminology can be confusing for a layperson. A late or incorrect filing could impact your case, delay the legal process, or, worse, result in a legal costs order.

It’s crucial to understand what the law stipulates for your specific circumstances. What issues matter most to you? Do you have a valid claim, such as seeking maintenance from your spouse? What arrangements are suitable for contact with your children if they don’t live with you? A lawyer can help you set realistic expectations and present appropriate arguments and claims to the other party.

In some instances, you may even be eligible to claim your legal fees from the other party, and your lawyer can offer guidance on this matter.

Knowing when to involve other experts

Family lawyers rely on a broad network of professionals who can assist with your case when necessary. This could involve engaging a specialist to evaluate the pensions held by both parties or consulting an accountant to determine the value of your family business. Your lawyer can identify situations where an expert’s input would benefit your case and can help connect you with the appropriate professional for the task.

Advise on when to negotiate and settle or get a court judgement

Having a family lawyer can often help avoid time-consuming and costly legal proceedings. An experienced family lawyer has likely encountered cases similar to yours and can provide insight into how a court might approach the situation. Often, reaching a solution and settlement through negotiation and agreement, without resorting to court, is the preferred route. However, your lawyer can also advise if going to court is necessary to secure a definitive judgement in your case.

At DLS Solicitors, we offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss the specifics of your case with a family lawyer. This consultation allows you to understand how the law applies to your situation, estimate costs, and determine whether hiring a family lawyer is a worthwhile investment for you.

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25th April 2024
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