Choosing A Divorce And Family Lawyer

Choosing A Divorce And Family Lawyer
Choosing A Divorce And Family Lawyer

Can you talk to them?

An essential skill of an effective family lawyer is the ability to listen attentively. It is crucial that you believe your lawyer genuinely understands your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. You need a lawyer who comprehends your objectives and is forthright in assessing whether the desired outcomes are realistic.

You will likely need to disclose personal details to your lawyer, so it’s important to establish a rapport that minimises any sense of embarrassment or emotional distress.

Your lawyer should explain the legal process clearly, using simple language and avoiding jargon. If legal terms are used, they should be explained in plain English.

At DLS Solicitors, our lawyers prioritise building strong rapport with clients. The positive feedback and recommendations we receive from clients are a testament to our success in this regard.

Are they qualified to advise you?

You might assume that any lawyer can assist you, but that’s not always the case. After their initial training, lawyers typically specialise in specific areas. It’s crucial to select a lawyer who specialises in divorce and family law matters. You want someone who has devoted themselves to this legal field, staying informed about the latest case law and court procedures. A general legal practitioner is unlikely to possess the depth of knowledge and experience necessary for family law matters.

At DLS Solicitors, all of our lawyers are highly experienced in family law. We require a minimum of five years of post-qualification experience. We exclusively recruit lawyers who work solely in family law, and we ensure they receive ongoing training and support to stay updated on changes in the law and legal procedures.

Do you understand costs?

Your lawyer should clearly explain the cost of their services, outlining the likely total expenses for your case, including any additional fees (such as court fees) that may be required. For work that can be defined in advance (e.g., an uncontested divorce), a fixed fee arrangement can often be agreed upon.

Once you appoint a lawyer, you should receive this cost information in writing.

At DLS Solicitors, we typically discuss the costs of our services during an initial telephone conversation to avoid any surprises. These costs will be detailed in our initial letter, which will also confirm the scope of work you have requested from us. We were among the first UK law firms to offer fixed fees for divorce cases.

Will you get the service you deserve?

Your case is important to you, and it’s crucial that you feel it’s equally important to your lawyer. While they may have other clients, you should be confident that your case will receive sufficient attention.

You should expect your case to progress at an appropriate pace, considering any delays caused by courts or other involved parties. Prompt responses to your calls and emails from your lawyer, as well as regular updates about your case, are also important expectations.

At DLS Solicitors, we adhere to a client charter that includes a commitment to reply to all communications within 48 hours. We strive to be proactive, approachable, and responsive, and we aim to personally answer your phone calls whenever possible. This ensures that you receive the attention and support you deserve throughout your case.

A personal note…

We do hope you will select DLS Solicitors as your lawyers, and we would like to wish you well.

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25th April 2024
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